Improved Performance

We work with you and your teams to deliver long term performance benefits into your business. We focus on the key issues.

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Improved People

With a better team you play a better game! We work with individuals and teams to coach, mentor and develop.

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Improved Process

Improving process makes things more effective, objective and easier for people to understand and deliver

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Improved Profits

The basic principle of business is to make money, we work with you to improve your financial performance and returns.

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What they say...

Dave did an excellent job when I needed someone to quickly work with one of my businesses to re-focus on improving performance. He worked with the MD to develop an integrated suite of KPI’s aimed at cultural and performance improvement, and provided renewed focus to the team on what the business needed from them. This resulted in a powerful update to the company business plan. He was also a very effective coach and mentor for the MD and this relationship will continue into the future.

Richard Mintern- CEO Europe & Asia Pacific, Avincis Group

Dave worked with us to pull the reporting and management structures together.  He did an excellent job, is well respected by the people he worked with and drove forward the changes in a robust and inclusive manner.  Dave fitted well into the team and I would suggest he would fit into most teams, he is driven, focused and lives by results.  I am sure we will continue to work with Dave over the coming years, the value he adds is excellent.

Dai Powell – CEO, HCT Group

Working with Dave was Great, he spent time with both myself and my team on coaching and mentoring. With his wide business background and knowledge it was really beneficial for us to see things from a different angle, it’s all too easy to get stuck in your own rut. I would recommend Dave to anyone as his style and manner is really effective and productive

Chris Greenhill – Managing Director, Bond Aviation Services